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Lighting of commercial areas is, first of all, about attractive look and attention grabbing, all to build the positive emotions for visitors. 


The Royal Institute of Technology from Sweden and scientists from the University of Hamburg have analyzed customers’ behavior and the influence of store lighting at their perception of products attractiveness. According to the research, brightness, color and the placement of lightning play the key role in customer’s’ interest in store exposition and the store proprietors should pay great attention to the type and placement of the store lighting.

Lumifabryka will ensure the Proprietor and cooperating Interior Designer high quality lighting suitable for all commercial interiors. We work with many kinds of materials and technologies. Our products are about:

The look

We manufacture attractive looking lighting  from many materials and employ many production technologies for commercial areas, expo halls and windows expositions. We apply great attention to details and always keep in mind the type of area we are going to light while manufacturing  every detail. We always strive to achieve the right balance between the right amount of light, look and safety.


All fabrics and components used by us are from reputable suppliers and all have required by law certificates of safety and compliance. We work closely with the customers and cooperating interior designers to ensure that the end product meets the requirements and the vision.

Reasonable Cost

We provide our customers with the price quote including the full scope of work and the associated costs. We strive to find  balance between the price and the uniqueness of custom order.

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