Well-chosen lighting is a main factor in building restaurant’s ambiance. The type of lights most often sets the own original restaurant’s style. Restaurant owners employ the best interior designers to create beautiful drawings and designs. We would like to……


Klimat w restauracji buduje odpowiednio dobrane oświetlenie. Rodzaj opraw oświetleniowych najczęściej dyktuje styl lokalu, który z założenia wyróżnia się oryginalnością. Coraz częściej właściciele lokali zatrudniają doskonałe biura projektowe, które tworzą piękne projekty i wizualizacje. Chcemy dla Państwa...


We manufacture attractive looking lighting designed for hotel rooms, conference halls, restaurants and hallways using many different materials and technologies. We apply great attention to details, and always keep in mind the future hotel guest who would use the room brighten by our lighting…. 



The good office lighting should, first of all, be about functionality and good work atmosphere. This, however, doesn’t mean that good office lighting should be devoid of attractive appearance. Lumifabryka will work with office proprietor and his architect to….

Shopping Centers

Lighting in Shopping Centers is, first of all, about the look. Good lighting must bring the attention and build the positive emotions amongst the patrons… 

Trade Fairs

When setting up a trade fair stand, one of the key concern is to attract visitors’ interest. Effective and a subtle way to do that is a proper choice of lighting. Our lighting will bring the best in your products and will build the right climate for further negotiations. 


The proper store lighting is not only about the functionality, but, first of all, about the prestige, feel and exclusivity. Close cooperation with store designers in the subject of lighting, and crafting top quality pieces are our specialties. 

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